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Our concept

Milo, the mirror plush toy

Emodou offers you an innovative concept! Milo the mirror plush toy, accompanies the child in his identity and emotional development.

Emodou considers the plush toy as a transitional object. In the Birth and Separation kits, there are three plush toys, two large and one small. The small one mirrors the child, and the two large ones mirror the child's parents, as well as the family of Milo.

Milo and his parents experience the same situations and emotions as the child and their parents. The child quickly identifies with Milo and can compare their parents to Milo's parents, thus understanding the family and social universe, as well as daycare and school.

Milo's reactions help the child to move forward, teaching them that it is normal to leave and return, to lose and be sad, to feel sad, angry or fearful, but that one can overcome these negative emotions and return to happiness.

Thus, gradually, the child positively constructs their life.

3 plush toys, and smiles !

Identifying and filling the void, for more confidence and serenity.

How can one confidently react to the absence of a parent, when they are very young or almost grown up? Emodou offers the symbolic, almost real presence of the missing parent with 3 plush toys and smiles!

Thanks to our concept, the child no longer feels alone: they benefit from the presence of one or the other, wherever they are. For a short or long absence, they bring the small plush toy everywhere, and find the larger ones at bedtime. Accompanied, the child is reassured and soothed.
The Birth kit works from the first test afternoon in daycare or the first night at grandparents' house.

Later on, the child will discover that Milo, too, experiences more intense and irreversible separation moments, such as divorce... With the Separation setEmodou publishes a book, "Milo at Dad's and Mom's," which allows one to go through the separation step by step. Milo shows the child that they are not alone, because he is there with them, and that he experiences this kind of situation as well.

Using Milo to ask questions is easier than asking them oneself... The child becomes more serene, regains their smile, and keeps it.

The principle

In a kit, there are three plush toys: a mirror comfort object, and two adult comfort objects. In case of separation, the plush toy that belongs to the mother is left with the father, and the plush toy that belongs to the father is left with the mother.

This way, the child has both parents close to them. The book illustrates a typical exchange so that the story is familiar to the child. All of our comfort objects are designed in Belgium with local seamstresses.

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The advantages

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