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Our educational plush toy

Discover our educational plush toys created in Belgium by pedagogues

Discover our educational plush toy created in Belgium by pedagogues! These were designed for the child's well-being with soft and suitable materials to guarantee optimal comfort.

Each plush toy represents a family member and is designed to help the child identify and express different emotions. These plush toys are an excellent option for helping the child to learn in a fun and interactive way.

Our plush toys:

At Emodou, we also offer a collection of individual plush toys. Our plush toys act as mirrors, allowing the child to identify and represent their parents. In case of separation, for example, the child can take dad's plush toy to mom's house and vice versa. This fun and educational solution allows your child to thrive in their home environment and manage different emotions and challenges.

In addition to their usefulness in helping the child manage emotions, our plush toys are also designed to be true playmates. They are soft and comfortable, making them ideal for cuddles and relaxation times. Moreover, they are made with quality materials designed to be durable, so your child can enjoy them for many years. We are convinced that our plush toys will bring comfort and reassurance to your child, whatever the circumstances.

Mirror Family Plush Toy


Dad Family Plush Toy


Mom Family Plush Toy


Mom plush toy


Dad plush toy


Mirror plush toy


Fear plush toy


Sadness plush toy


Anger plush toy


Joy plush toy


Your choice of plush toys

Your plush toy, your choice! Our individual plush toys allow you to complete your Milo family if you don't have them all, but also to complete your child's first family.

Discover our entire range and choose the one or ones that will accompany your child!

Our plush toys
Complete the Milo adventure!

Did you know that Milo was accompanied by his little books telling his adventures? In addition to our plush toys, complete your child's emotional learning with Milo's book!A fun and enjoyable book to accompany your child in managing and understanding their emotions. Complete the Milo adventure, choose your plush toy and its story!

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