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Our Sets

Discover our sets.

Our Emodou educational teddy bear sets are an excellent solution to help children develop their emotional intelligence. Available in three versions, the birth set, the emotions set, and the separation set, they meet the needs of each child.

Our sets target the needs of each child to support them in their emotional learning and development. An educational and fun plush toy for your child and their emotional journey. Plus, enjoy free delivery on the purchase of our sets!

Our Sets:

Family set

 34,90 39,90

Emotion Set


Separation Set


The Family Set; Dad and Milo


Family Set; Mom and Milo


Family Set; Two Dads and Milo


Family Set; Two Moms and Milo


Playful and pleasant plush toys

There are many benefits to purchasing one of our Emodou sets. First, they are comprehensive, with a set of 3 to 4 plush toys accompanied by either a separation or emotions book. Moreover, these are fun and pleasant plush toys where Milo will assist your child and become their best friend.

One of the other benefits of purchasing these is that they offer a complete package to help your child manage their emotions.

In addition to providing cute plush toys, they also include a book about emotions that can help your child understand and express their feelings in a healthy and appropriate way.

Our Sets
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