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Emodou offers two stories to help children manage their emotions. Discover our books, "Milo at Mom and Dad's" is aimed specifically at children experiencing separation within their family home. The second, "Living My Emotions with Milo," is a book for all children who want to better understand and manage their emotions.

Our books offer stories to help children identify and express their emotions in a healthy way. They can be purchased separately or as a complement to Emodou's emotion and separation kits.

Milo's stories :

Book : Milo at Dad's and Mom's


Book : Living My Emotions with Milo


Playful stories

Emodou, to complement your child's healthy development, offers playful stories about learning emotions. Our 2 booksMilo at Dad's and Mom's" and "Living My Emotions with Milo "are not just bedtime stories, it's a real personal support.

In addition to creating a bedtime ritual with your child, you can put them to sleep with playful stories related to their best friend Milo.

In combination with our educational plush toys, these books can help your children develop a better understanding of their emotions.

Our Emodou Books
A special moment
At Emodou, we know how important bedtime stories are for your child. We wanted to make this moment a special one between you and your child. Thanks to our books and their stories, you can share with your child their emotions and feelings about moments they've experienced and even have their plush toy interact with the story!
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