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The Belgian company Emodou offers a collection of educational plush toys to help children manage their emotions. Discover our Emodou collection below!

Available in different forms, Emodou products help develop children's empathy and self-confidence.

Emodou plush toy sets are particularly popular, with versions for every emotional need.

In addition to these sets, Emodou also offers individual plush toys and books to manage emotions. The books offer stories to help children understand and express their emotions.

Our Sets:

Among its range of products, Emodou offers pedagogical cuddly toy sets to accompany your child. These are available in 3 different versions: birth, separation, emotions. Our sets are accompanied, or not, by a book containing Milo's stories.

This one helps guide your child in learning about their emotions with Milo. Discover our different sets, each offering three different themes according to needs. Plus, enjoy free delivery on the purchase of our sets!

Family set

Famille : 3 doudous, et des sourires

 34,90 39,90

Emotion Set

Emotions: 4 friends for life


Coffret Séparation

Separation: Milo, the mirror plush toy


Our plush toys:

At Emodou, we also offer a range of individual stuffed animals.These are mirror stuffed animals that allow the child to identify with it, but also to represent their parents. For example, in the event of a separation, the child can take the daddy stuffed animal to their mother and vice versa to have them with them everywhere.

It is a fun and educational solution to help your child flourish in their home and manage various emotions and challenges.

Mom plush toy


Dad plush toy


Mirror plush toy


Fear plush toy


Sadness plush toy


Anger plush toy


Joy plush toy


Our Books:

In order to offer complete support for your child, Emodou has created 2 books.During a separation within the family, you will find the book "Milo at Dad's and Mom's". To help your child understand their emotions, you can find the book "Living My Emotions with Milo".

These two stories will help your child, along with their plush toy, navigate through complicated situations with ease. Our books can be purchased separately or paired with one of our two 'Separation' or 'Emotions' sets.

Book : Milo at Dad's and Mom's


Book : Living My Emotions with Milo


Approved by Specialists

Emodou plush toys have been approved by specialists, including psychologists, for their effectiveness in teaching children about emotions.

Validated as a good educational tool, discover the testimonial about Milo from Catherine Kurts - Psychologist.

Learn more about Emodou:

To learn more about Emodou and its products, visit the brand's page.There, you will find more information about the different plush toys, books, and sets offered, as well as the benefits of Milo for teaching children about emotions. Feel free to visit the site to discover how Milo can help you assist your child in their personal and emotional development.

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